Wardrobe 101 Step 2: Clean Your Slate

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So, it has been forever since my previous post on building a curated wardrobe (Less is More: The Curated Wardrobe) but in hopes to make up for the delay I am providing the next TWO steps of my process: Clean Your Slate and Build from the Bottom Up.

You have done your research (Wardrobe 101 Step 1: Do Your Research); at this point you should have a pretty good idea of the objectives you have for building your wardrobe and what particular actions need to be taken to get there. Not so much? DON’T WORRY. These next steps will help you find more definition, starting with Step 2: Clean Your Slate.

This part of a wardrobe overhaul is easy for some and truly not so easy for others, but it MUST be done. If you have no problem parting with your clothes/accessories, now is the time to go through your closet and ditch everything that is holding you back. Get rid of anything that is not a 10 on your personal wardrobe scale. Yes, a perfect 10. Considerations? Fit, function, and personal style should be key points in making your decisions.

If your closet is in as bad of shape as mine is, a different exercise might be more appropriate: instead of throwing out everything that is not a perfect 10, go through what you have and pull out the pieces that are your best in this respect. Maybe these are items you have invested in or consider to be a true reflection of your style. Whichever the case, be selective because these will be the focal points of your future wardrobe. This technique of pulling key items and looks is used by professionals, and in practicality is a more lenient way to help you refine your wardrobe over time.

When I pulled my key items, I ended up with 10-15 pieces and most were classics like a black suiting vest, a white button down, and a pair of suede shorts. Cupcakes and Cashmere (see link below) has a great article about utilizing a clothing rack, including some awesome photos:

This is what it should look like when you do this exercise: clean, simple, and a showcase of your ultimate wardrobe items.

To summarize step 2 in building a curated wardrobe basically: cut the crap and have no mercy (I’m serious!). A messy and cluttered closet is a distraction and will only end up limiting your options instead of the opposite. We need to begin with a clean slate. When this step is complete you will be better able to envision and plan your wardrobe, and your closet will thank you for it.

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MyFashionBazaar on eBay

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Hi everybody,

I just wanted to do a quick post about some items I have listed for auction on eBay. Please view my page below if you are interested in some awesome vintage finds; there are only two days left! Also, if you have any questions or feedback let me know. I am considering switching to Etsy…What do you think?

MyFashionBazaar on eBay

Vintage Brahmin bag

Also, thanks to new followers and viewers! I have had limited internet access lately but hope to be getting back to my curated wardrobe series VERY soon! Also coming up of course are spring shows and possibly fall trends. See you then!

-myfashionbazaar001, editor, MyFashionBazaar

Wardrobe 101 Step 1: Do Your Research

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Step 1 for building a curated wardrobe is simple: do your research.

I know you were expecting something more proactive but this step is important because building a wardrobe is ultimately personal. You may have different challenges or goals than I do in this mission, and it is valuable to identify them so you can tailor this guide to fit your own needs. If you do not keep up with fashion, it may even be necessary for you to spend some time catching up on what is current and re-evaluating what you like, don’t like, tend towards, etc. Finally, to make sure we are all on the same page, do some research on wardrobe building and “the curated wardrobe” (click here to see my prior post on the topic).

I personally have three major obstacles to overcome in my own mission to create a curated wardrobe: one, my current wardrobe is so depleted and loathsome it is difficult to know where to begin (ahh!); two, my love of fashion pulls me in different directions at warp speed (as that is the nature of the beast); and three, my budget does NOT fit my personal tastes (hello $300 pair of shoes I can’t have). Taking into consideration these factors, I was at first paralyzed in my attempts to begin overhauling my wardrobe, but that’s where the research comes in. It will help you become 100% clear in your objectives as well as get the ideas going! Here are some links to get you started:

The new luxury: The curated wardrobe.  @ – The best, in-depth article on the subject.

Shopbop Lookbooks @ – Great for learning about trends and getting inspiration/examples for your own wardrobe.

The Essentials of Building a Fashionable Personal Wardrobe @ – Somewhat rudimentary but still useful for becoming familiar with the basics of building a wardrobe.

Google @ – I also recommend browsing these and related topics at your leisure! Some additional wardrobe ideas to consider for your research might be color, style icons, and working within a budget.

Once you think you have a relative vision for your wardrobe (this may take a bit!), look for my next post on building a curated wardrobe: